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Digital Learning

"The hybrid model combines the best of in-school and remote learning, with digital engagement. It is more than a quick fix. It is a way to enhance and accelerate learning by providing student centered approaches to meet diverse learners needs."

Microsoft, Education Re-Imagined

Modernity Scotland has always sought to offer teachers and learners the most up to date Modern Studies and Politics content in the most accessible way. 

This site, we believe, offers teachers the opportunity to not just achieve exam success for their learners but deep learning

Hybrid learning was an emergency response to the Covid pandemic. But a planned blended learning model is the future. 

Face-to-face learning in the classroom when blended with engaging digital content offers great opportunities for improved interaction with teachers and peers as well as support for learners.

Scottish Government Enhancing Education and Teaching Through Use of Digital Technologies

Higher Politics

Higher Politics is broken down into Chapters.

Our Chapters are

  1. Political Theory
  2. Political Systems
  3. Political Parties and Elections

Higher Modern Studies is also broken down into Chapters.

Our Chapters are

  1. Democracy in Scotland and the UK
  2. Social Issues: Social Inequality or Crime and the Law
  3. Global Power: The USA

How the site works

Each Chapter is broken down into Lessons which mirror the bullet points of the SQA Course Specification.Each Lesson has

  • An Instructional Video. This enables learners to pause and process information at their own speed
  • A quiz to recap knowledge
  • Support materials to download

Sample Lesson

Higher Modern Studies Voting Systems

This lesson looks at the strengths and weaknesses of different electoral systems used in elections within the UK. Click here to view. 

Institutional Subscriptions

A school/college can subscribe all its students for either Higher Modern Studies or Higher Politics.

Just let us know how many student places you need and a voucher code will be set up for the appropriate number of places.

Each student will have his/her own account and can view all of the instructional videos and other resources for the Course.

For 2023/24 the cost is just £100 for all pupils and teacher access.

Institutions which would like to take out a subscription  to Higher Modern Studies or Higher Politics should make out a purchase order and send it to

Modernity Scotland

The Woodside Hotel

82 High Street

Aberdour KY3 0SW

Or contact John McTaggart directly to enable instant access:

07590 227925 or [email protected]

Courses Leader

John McTaggart

John is a vastly experienced Modern Studies teacher. A former faculty head and SQA consultant, John has been at the forefront of Modern Studies development for way more years than he would like reminded of. As the writer of Modernity Scotland Courses, John ensures that each Course is accessible and accurate and prepares students for the precise specifications for SQA assessment. John is fully GTCS registered and PVG Scotland disclosured.


  • Who can subscribe to Modernity Scotland?

    Only institutions can subscribe to Higher Politics. Once the institution subscribes to a Course, the lead teacher is sent access codes for each of their students.

  • How long does a subscription last for?

    A subscription lasts from the date of purchase until the date of the SQA Higher Politics exam in 2024.

  • How much does a subscription cost?

    A Higher Politics subscription costs £200 per school. This entitles all learners taking Higher Modern Studies within the school their own access to the website and its resources. Learners can log in 24/7.

  • What resources do I get with a subscription?

    Each Lesson within a Course contains an Instructional Video. This enables learners to pause and process information at their own speed.  Each Lesson has a follow up quiz to recap knowledge.

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